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Barrel Dog Bed

barrel dog bedShow your four-legged companion just how much you appreciate them with a custom bourbon barrel dog bed!  After all, who do you think keeps watch over your finest Kentucky Bourbons when you’re away?  Man’s best friend does!

While working on some of our latest bourbon barrel projects, we noticed that our Jack Russell, Bugsy, seemed to enjoy the smell of bourbon and white oak char just as much as we did.  Seeing as how she has kept us company through many glasses of bourbon over the last 15 years, we figured she deserved her very own custom barrel dog bed.  We used a half barrel, and cut a wide opening in the front so she would easily be able to get in and out.   The existing metal barrel hoops were reinforced and screwed into place to ensure durability.  We also lightly sanded the interior and exterior before sealing it, exposing the beauty of the wood and char, and making sure that the charred interior would not rub off.

To customize Bugsy’s new bed further, we very lightly painted her name on the inside and scripted “WOOF-ford Reserve” on the exterior.  To keep it simple, we decided to place her existing dog bed and pillow inside.  As it turns out, many standard size dog beds will fill the interior perfectly.  So far, Bugsy seems to be enjoying it quite a bit!

The materials for this bed have been reclaimed from 55 gallon charred-oak barrels that were used in the making of Bourbon Whiskey in Kentucky.  After aging for many, many seasons in the heart of the Bluegrass, these used barrel staves and barrel heads are lightly sanded, sealed, and reinforced to insure longevity. Each piece is hand-painted by Kentucky artisans. is a subsidiary of Lexington Furniture Company. Our store has been a staple of the Lexington, KY community for over 50 years.  We produce a line of products from reclaimed bourbon barrels that were used in the production of bourbon in Kentucky.  All of our products are manufactured by artisans in the state of Kentucky.  A Kentucky Proud product.